Flower Girl And Ring Bearer Make Their Own Wedding Dreams Come True 20 Years Later

Fate is real, people.

Jokes about pint-sized flower girls and ring bearers eventually growing up and getting together are pretty common at weddings. But one duo actually made it happen.

Twenty years ago, Minnesota natives Brittney Husbyn and Briggs Fussy walked down the aisle as kids, serving in a wedding as a flower girl and ring bearer. The two didn't speak again until Husbyn recognized Fussy in a college class years later, Fox News reports

"She turned around one day in class and said, 'I think I have a picture of you on my wall at home,'" Briggs told Fox. "I remember just little glimpses. Brittney's running around, making commotion."

This past weekend, the two walked down the aisle once more, but this time as bride and groom. 

It can't get any cuter than that. 

Unless, of course, their flower girl and ring bearer get married, too.

Head over to Fox News for the full story. 

(H/T: Cosmo)


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