Before The Hurricane, Florida Man Offers Generator To A Stranger Whose Father Needs It For Oxygen

All the generators had been sold out at the Lowe's in Orlando.

As Floridians prepared for Hurricane Irma, one person took the opportunity to help out a total stranger, and it's reminding us how powerful a single act of kindness can be.

According to ABC affiliate WFTV-TV, Pam Brekke drove over 30 miles from her home in Florida to find a generator. Her father is ill and requires oxygen. But when she arrived at a Lowes in Orlando, the last generator sold to the customer in line right before her. 

Overcome with emotion, Brekke broke down, and one man named Ramon Santiago noticed. Santiago, who had received a generator, decided he would give Brekke his. 

"She needs the generator," Santiago told the news outlet. "It's OK." 


In video footage captured from the store, the two strangers embrace, and Brekke says that she's overwhelmed by the gesture.

"God will bless that man," she adds in the video. 

The interaction, though simple, is proof that even in the most unfortunate of circumstances, there can still be some light. 

If you'd like to donate or help those affected by Hurrican Irma, you can donate to UNICEF, United Way, and Save the Children, among others, as well as volunteer for the Red Cross. Find other ways to help here.


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