New Floating Speaker Is The Coolest Thing To Happen To Music In Years

You're going to want it ASAP.

As technology continues to evolve, we continue to see innovative improvements meet sleek and futuristic styles.

That intersection is never more apparent than it is with the Mars by CrazyBaby speaker, a levitating disc speaker that floats above a subwoofer and comes with a list of awesome, creative, and sometimes gimmicky features.

You can check out the amazing speaker in the video above.

Let's take a look at all the incredible features of the Mars speaker:

1) It floats

2) It floats

3) It floats

4) It's waterproof

5) It's made of titanium

6) It can charge your phone

7) It floats

8) It has "360 degree" sound

9) It changes its volume based on your proximity to the speaker

10) It can be controlled with your phone

11) It can turn into a speaker phone

12) It's magnetic

13) It floats

14) It floats

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