Transform Your Old Clothes Into New Pieces You'll Love With These Simple Tricks

The perfect wardrobe fix.

Before you go and throw away all your old, outdated, and ill-fitting clothes (or hoard them on the top shelf of your closet), take a second to reconsider their potential.

In a new video for Glamour magazine, one woman sorts through her closet to determine which pieces of clothing are worth keeping, even if they need a quick touch-up. 

For those in a similar situation, Glamour recommends asking yourself: Does it mean something to you? Is it essential to your wardrobe? And is this the new you or old you?


Once you've donated the things you don't want and kept the pieces you need, revamp them with your tailor. 

For example, modernize an old little black dress by cutting off the sleeves or reshape your vintage skirt to give it a more flattering shape. 

And just like that, those pieces you thought you'd never wear again just became your next go-to outfit. Plus, considering the fashion industry is one of the world's biggest polluters, reusing our clothes from season to season not only exercises our creative minds, but helps us shop less at fast-fashion stores, which is a small step to helping our planet, too. And who doesn't love that?

Check out how to fix your wardrobe in the full video below:


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