Daredevil Touches The Sky Before Plummeting 5 Stories Into A Tiny Pool

Do not try this at home.

We've seen our fair share of daredevils overtime...


And we've definitely seen a number of people out of their minds, jumping off insanely high buildings...

Most of these stunts, we would never even think about trying. The next one you are about to see is one of those. Just. Don't.

While 5 stories high, a young daredevil reached down into his inner Kanye and just wanted to "Touch The Sky" before plummeting down into a pool.

He first plans out and lines up his jump and then just goes for it. Just right off the roof.

The only thing between him and an untimely hospital visit, is the cushion of a pool below. We definitely envy his courage, but once again, please NEVER, EVER try this. Watch this epic stunt below.


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