Check Out These 5 Barns Turned Into Incredibly Beautiful Homes

We're moo-ving in.

From little houses to underwater stays and trucks that look like castles, we can't get enough of unique homes around the world. 

Now, in a video from HGTV, we get a look at some spectacular old barns that have since been converted into gorgeous, personal spaces. 


The video highlights: a 1946 Wisconsin dairy barn that has been transformed into a stunning 9,000-square-foot home with exposed arches; a New York stone barn with wide open living and dining spaces, exposed stone, and plenty of windows; and an "all around farm" with a former hay-loft-turned-living-room.

We think it's especially important to find a home that is unique to each and every person and family, and to live a lifestyle that's true to your own personality. 

That said, check out these incredible homes in the full video below:


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