Ever Wonder What The Very First Video Uploaded To YouTube Was?

"YouTube, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." - World

Remember what life was like before YouTube?


We barely do either. 

But there's no denying that when the first video was uploaded to the incredible new platform, the world and the way we consume media drastically changed, for better or worse. 

Now it's hard to think of a time when we weren't, on a whim, able to view someone's POV experience of a snake eating a crocodile, or get an inside look into a stranger's life or learn how to do just about anything from a tutorial. 

YouTube has created a world of seemingly unlimited accessibility.

Anyone with a computer not only can see others, but be a star themselves. People like Jenna Marbles, Bo Burnham and Hannah Hart can rise to fame with nothing more than talent and a webcam. 

But how did it all begin? 

10 years ago the first video was uploaded to YouTube.

You might have thought the inaugural YouTube video was a richly-conceived effort wedded to a powerful, all-important message. Something like, "Leave Britney alone!"

Seriously. Leave her alone.

Or perhaps an adorable moment the world desperately needed to see. 

Like this:

But the first video ever uploaded to YouTube was neither of those things. It wasn't important, adorable, life-changing, thought-provoking or even all that interesting. It was simply a slice of someone's life that we were made party to for no reason other than the fact that we now could. So why not?  

And isn't that exactly what YouTube is all about? In a sense, the first YouTube video was a perfect prototype, setting the tone for what was to come. 

Here it is:

And in case you're wondering, the most-viewed YouTube video to date is PSY's Gangnam Style with 2,310,884,978 views. The least-viewed video is the one you have yet to make — so get YouTubing! 

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