Emergency Responder Expresses Gratitude For Anonymous Note Left On Ambulance

"This simple note from the public means so much to our staff."

Vinny Romano is overwhelmed with gratitude for a simple note that was left on an ambulance belonging to his team.


Romano has been a paramedic since 2004 and currently works in Morecambe Bay, England. Romano posted on Twitter to thank the person who left the note, which thanked first responders for being "unsung heroes."

This random act of kindness came just two days after a woman was arrested for verbally abusing paramedics after the paramedics parked their van outside her house while responding to a patient in cardiac arrest. 

"Without people like you, we would not know what to do!" Romano's note said. "So thank you! Really, thank you. You, along with the other emergency services, truly are our unsung heroes. Stay safe, well fed and watered and warm. I hope more people realise how invaluable the ambulance service is. Sincerely, a thankful member of the public."

Reached by A Plus, Romano said via email that he believes the recent note, thanking the paramedics, "represents the true opinion of the general public rather than the note which featured in the press recently."

"There has been an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the note across social media and also within our service," Romano said. "The ambulance crews have been under a great deal of pressure over the Christmas period and have worked tirelessly to treat patients and deliver the highest standard of care."

Romano said he chose to be a paramedic to make a positive impact on others and views his job as a privileged that he gets immense satisfaction from. This wasn't the first time he had a nice thank you, either. Once, Romano helped treat a 14-year-old who had fallen off a pickup truck and suffered a serious head injury. His team arrived in minutes and he was able to get the boy transported to a hospital where he made a full recovery. The boy's father was a butcher and brought Romano two huge sirloin steaks "and a handshake," he said. 

"This simple note from the public means so much to our staff," Romano said in an email. "It boosts morale and although it only took the member of the public a few minutes to write it goes a long way with our crews."

Cover image via Shutterstock / Brian A Jackson.


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