The First Smartphone-Controlled Dog Jacket Has 'Lost Dog' Mode

All the other dogs will turn their heads to look. (And so will the people.)

Canines are getting in on the wearable technology trend. A group of designers and engineers at creative lab Party invented a product called "Disco Dog."

It's still in the Kickstarter stage and the creators are hoping the campaign will help fund the first run of 80 dog vests. 


It's the first ever smartphone-controlled LED dog vest.

The Disco Dog mobile app will allow users to control settings from a distance. It will be available for both iOS and Android. 

Glowing, flashing lights turn your dog into a walking disco ball.

It's the perfect fashion pick for the kind of dog who isn't afraid to stand out from the crowd. There are a variety of fun settings to choose from such as sparkly, firefly and stripe. 

Let your dog do the talking for you with scrolling messages.

If the flashing lights don't make enough of a statement, you can literally type one into the app and your words will scroll across your dog's vest. 

Best part? The lost dog mode.

If your dog sees a squirrel and gets too far ahead and your Bluetooth connection is lost, a "lost dog" message will automatically be displayed.  

Watch a dog light up the night as he flashes down the streets of New York.

Disco Dog brightened our day. Hope it did yours too. 


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