The First Gay Police Wedding Is Bringing All Types Of Joy To The World

A wedding for the history books.

As the world continues to progress in a positive and equal direction, we are beginning to see some very incredible firsts.


This past weekend treated us to what LGBTQ Nation called the world's first gay police wedding.

Regular tuxes just weren't enough for this type of historic moment. Instead, the Spanish couple, identified as John and Chema, got married dressed to the nines in their full uniforms, thus putting all of our future wedding photos to shame. Looking dapper, guys.

It's truly wonderful to see how this type of openness and equality have spread into their police force. As Gay Star News reported, even if they're the first to marry, they aren't the only openly gay men in the workforce.

Hopefully, with the attention their wedding is receiving, their historic moment will also help fellow co-workers seek out the happiness they deserve. In addition, this can also help bring the same type of acceptance to other police forces around the world.

Outside of the police institution, fellow members of the LGBT community were certainly expressing their excitement on Twitter.

Their wedding, which took place at Royal School Equestrian Art, is also a symbol of hope.

As per GSN, Chema and Jonatha told radio station CanalSUR, "If it helps someone who is being bullied in school for their sexual orientation to see it as something normal, then that's great."

In the process, they also knocked away stereotypes. They commented, "It's not something that should be hidden just because you belong to a particular institution," which we wholeheartedly agree with.

So congrats to the newlyweds! To celebrate their honeymoon, the pair will be taking a road trip from Seattle to San Diego. Ron Burgundy approves.

Stay classy and congrats, once again.


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