The NHL Just Had A History-Making Moment On The Kiss Cam (And It's About Time)


For the first time in NHL history, a gay couple shared a moment on the kiss cam.

According to reports, couple Brad Parr and Andy Evans were among those watching the Los Angeles Kings beat the Toronto Maple Leafs last Thursday when they found themselves up on the big screen. 

In a video uploaded to YouTube that captured the special moment, two other couples kiss first. But from the sound of it, it wasn't until Parr and Evans kiss that the audience erupts in applause. 

Greg Hogben, author of "My Daughter's Army" and a writer who raises awareness of LGBT and and women's rights, tweeted:


"Despite the fact that the first gay kiss on kiss cam is disputably held by the San Francisco Giants in 2011, it's nice to see other sports coming around to embrace love in all its capacities," VICE Sports' Liam Daniel Pierce writes.

So while watching some couples fail miserably on the kiss cam may be entertaining, let's give the moment to the ones who really want (and deserve) it.

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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