10 First Date Ideas And How They Can Go Terribly Wrong

Love hurts

1. A cooking class


2. A picnic

3. Bowling

4. A pottery class

5. A day at the beach

6. A romantic day in the park

7. A boat ride

8. A relaxing movie at home

9. Going to the gym

10. Speed dating

Seriously, though. Creativity is key in planning the perfect first date. But you don't want something too obscure that it takes the focus away from getting to know one another. Make sure you have one-on-one time to chat. Two-part dates are great; if you see a film, try to get a drink afterwards to give yourself time to talk about it. If you choose to drink, make sure the entire date is not focused around alcohol. And if it is, make sure you eat at some point. You don't want to be too drunk.

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