You Can Feel An Unborn Baby Kick In Real Time When You Wear This Bracelet

"We are hoping to share the experience of pregnancy."

Feeling your baby kick is a very special moment for parents-to-be. But while pregnant mothers get to experience the kicks firsthand, their partners, friends and family, can only feel those movements when they place their hand over her tummy.

In order to simulate the experience a mother-to-be feels, students from the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology developed a bracelet called the Fibo


The bracelet allows any wearer to feel the baby's movements in real time.

Courtesy of First Bond Wearables

Fibo was created by a startup called First Bond Wearables, launched by Sandra Pétursdóttir, Henriette Ryder Anderson, and Eszter Eva Smid. Pétursdóttir told A Plus via email that the trio was inspired to create Fibo after taking a jewelry course that focused on wearable technology.

The group knew they wanted to make something that was aesthetically pleasing and innovative, but the idea to create a high-tech bracelet was inspired by their location. Pétursdóttir explains, "In the neighborhood where our school is located, there are a lot of young, hip parents walking around and playing with their babies. Many of our friends have also started to have children, so although none of us are parents ourselves (not yet), there are babies all around us."

She adds, "That is how we got the idea to create a device for parents-to-be. We wanted to get the fathers more involved in the pregnancy since they sometimes tend to get a little left out when the mother is going through all the changes with her body and feeling a little life growing in her belly."

Courtesy of First Bond Wearables

The Fibo works by having the expectant mom wear a baby kick monitor on her belly during the last trimester. When the baby moves, kicks, or even hiccups, the movement data is sent to the Fibo. The smart bracelet mimics these movements through the use or four small pearls or beads. These pearls enable the bracelet-wearer to feel the movements as they happen. 

"With Fibo, we are hoping to share the experience of pregnancy," Pétursdóttir says. "When the pearls inside the bracelet start rotating, the father will know his baby is kicking or moving and that is without putting his hands on the mother's belly. He can therefore feel this wherever he goes. This way we are hoping he will bond with the baby sooner because the mother is bonding with the baby throughout the whole pregnancy. Many fathers we spoke to said they first realized they were bringing a new life into the world when they heard their baby's heartbeat for the first time. We want this feeling to last longer."

The bracelet even saves the baby’s movement data, which can be transferred into a piece of jewelry for the family to wear and enjoy even after the baby is born.

Courtesy of First Bond Wearables

The Fibo isn't available to buy yet, but First Bond Wearables hopes to launch the smart bracelet within the year. In the meantime, Huggies has also developed a baby belt that allows parents of surrogate babies to feel their child's kicks. 

All these new innovations are an amazing step toward helping more people share in the experience of bonding with an unborn baby.  


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