They Rescued A Blind Dog Who Was Lost In The Woods For Eight Days. Then They Turned Down The Reward.

"It really was a miracle."

Firefighters Vincent Lopez and Dan Estrada were walking their dogs in the woods near Estrada's home in California's San Lorenzo Valley when they came across a dog by the stream that wasn't moving.

The men rushed to the dog, fearing that it had been attacked by mountain lions. Thankfully, it moved when it heard them approaching.


It was then that Estrada realized he knew the dog. It was a 12-year-old blind labrador named Sage, a dog who often plays with his own rescue dogs.

Sage had gone missing eight days earlier and the community looked everywhere for her, but they couldn't find her. Her owners had even hired professionals to search the surrounding area, but she still wasn't found. 

Estrada could see that Sage was weak, so he carried the lab on his back to safety. After reuniting with her family, Sage was taken to the vet who said that everything was OK. 

The community has been celebrating Sage's safe return by offering her lots of treats, and she is back socializing with her dog friends.

Estrada and Lopez have also received the community's support in the form of countless congratulatory messages. Sage's owners, the Coles, also offered the duo a $1,000 reward, but they refused it. Instead, they suggested that the money go to charity. 

They are just happy that they were able to help out Sage. Estrada told Today of the rescue, "It really was a miracle."

He also credited Sage for teaching him something. He told CBS San Francisco, "Sage definitely taught me a lesson of hope and a lesson of never to give up. I mean, it's something that we train to do all the time."

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