FDNY Firefighter Proposes To NYC Teacher With Her Students Watching

Sweetest thing ever.

Kindergarten Teacher Natalie Moy invited her boyfriend of two years, FDNY Lieutenant Dave Royael, to her Woodside, Queens classroom on the last day before Christmas for a fire safety demonstration. Royael, of Engine 243 in Brooklyn, finished with the fire safety lesson and asked the students if they wanted to see their teacher put on his firefighter suit.

The students enthusiastically wanted to see that, and their teacher agreed.

Moy carefully put on the firefighter suit while her boyfriend assisted her. She put on the firefighter boots, pants, jacket and helmet.

The large firefighter suit hilariously diminished her small size.

"She actually looks pretty good," Royael said.

"It's perfect," Moy said. "It's just my size."

Moy tried on the final piece of the suit: the gloves. After putting on the gloves, she wanted to walk around in the firefighter suit. Royael told Moy to remove the gloves. As she removed the right glove, she noticed something odd inside of it.


She was stunned to find a box with an engagement ring inside.

Royael dropped to one knee and placed the ring on his girlfriend's finger.

He asked, "will you marry me, Miss Moy?"

"Oh my God. Yes," Moy said.

The students went nuts and cheered as Moy and Royael hugged.

Royael said that he couldn't believe that his girlfriend didn't notice the engagement box at first. Moy said she thought it was a smoke detector.

Watch the full video:


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