Boston Firefighter Pull Off A Paw-esome Rescue Of A Dog Trapped Under Frozen Ice

When the going gets "ruff," the "ruff" get going.


On February 23, firefighters in Boston received an unusual call around noon. It wasn't about a fire, it was about ice. According to Boston Fire Department spokesman Steven MacDonald, the initial call said a person had fallen through the thin ice of Jamaica Pond into the frigid water. 

However, when the firefighters arrived on the scene, they soon realized that the victim was actually a dog named Maggie."We had one of our guys put on a survival suit so when we got there, we were all ready to go," MacDonald told The Boston Globe. Within five minutes, the firefighter had pulled Maggie to safety and reunited her with her owner, William Libby

While out on her morning walk, Emily Andrea Robertson witnessed the entire incident. In her subsequent Facebook post, featuring a video taken on her smartphone, Robertson explained that she'd actually taken off her boots and "prepared to go in if she [Maggie] went under." But when her foot broke through the ice, she decided it was safer to call 911. 

"What a morning. I almost didn't walk the way I did on the pond but I'm glad I did! I saw Maggie had broken through the ice and her owner, William was shouting for her," she wrote on social media, adding later, "The fire department came out and bravely rescued her. Mad props to them. Maggie is such a sweetheart and I'm so glad she's ok!" 

Robertson certainly wasn't the only one. Libby was so thankful for Robertson's help in saving his dog that he offered to send her a gift on his and Maggie's behalf. She gratefully accepted. 

A Plus has reached out to Steven MacDonald and Emily Andrea Robertson for comment. 


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