Firefighters Posing With Puppies And Kittens For Charity Will Turn Up The Heat All Year Long

It's getting hot in here.

It's definitely getting hot in here, but there's no fire. 

This September, The Charleston Animal Society released their 2015 Firefighter Calendar, featuring some subjects that were downright adorable, and some that were pretty sexy. A few firefighters from the Charleston, South Carolina area partnered with the rescue group and posed with some of the animals to create a calendar that's sure to turn up the heat all year 'round. 

But their intentions are much nobler than simply giving us a year's worth of eye-candy. All net proceeds raised from the calendar benefit Toby's Fund, which provides medical care to treat thousands of neglected animals and sustains Charleston's No-Kill Community, an intiative to never turn an animal away.

So far, the campaign has been a success. Caroline Eller, the Director of Development for Charleston Animal Society and the producer of the Firefighter Calendar Campaign, told A+ in an email that they sold out of all 6,000 calendars printed and are currently printing more — a great indicator that the group is within their fundraising goal of over $170,000. 

"It's a natural fit — the leading rescuers of humans (Firefighters) partnering with the leading rescuers of animals (Charleston Animal Society)," she said. "And let's be honest, there's something about a guy in a uniform."

Anyone have a fire extinguisher?


We also can't forget about Ms. November:

Head here to purchase the full calendar for yourself!

Correction: A previous version of theis story said that the calendar was released this November, it has been changed to September.


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