This Firefighter Adopted The Baby He Helped Deliver

"Can we keep her?"


It's not every day a firefighter helps deliver a baby, and it's certainly not every day that they ends up adopting that baby. However, on November 11, 2011, an ordinary day turned into an extraordinary one for Marc Hadden, a firefighter in Myrtle Beach, S.C. 

Hadden was working with the medical unit when he received an emergency call about a pregnant woman in labor. Arriving on the scene in an ambulance, he and his partner helped the woman into the vehicle, where she began to give birth. In his two decades of working in the fire station, this was "the first time Hadden took charge during a delivery," according to CBS News. "I was tasked with everything to do with Gracie," Hadden told the news channel. "I helped her take her first breath."

After calling for backup, the team rushed the new mother and child to the hospital for further medical care. A little later, as Hadden filled out the case's paperwork, he overheard nurses say the new mom wanted to put the baby girl up for adoption "immediately." Without a second thought, he told the nurses, "Throw my name in the hat if this baby's being put up for adoption." He was kidding. Well, kind of. 

Though Hadden and his wife, Rebecca, were lucky enough to have two healthy sons, due to medical complications, they weren't able to have any more children. Still wanting to grow their family, the couple had looked into adoption, but the process was too expensive. 

At the nurses' insistence, Hadden entered the woman's hospital room and introduced himself. He told her about his family and their interest in adopting the little girl. After their conversation, Hadden texted a picture of the newborn baby lying in the nursery to his wife. "Can we keep her?" came the response. Again, she was kidding. 

More than five years later, the Haddens' love for each other is no joke. "Our bond is extremely tight," he said. "She's a part of the family, and we love her more than life." Not only were the Haddens able to bring the newborn baby home within 48 hours, but they named her Rebecca Grace Hadden after Hadden's wife. These days, she goes by "Gracie." 

"The name Grace over the years has become extremely fitting for her," Hadden told CBS. "She's an awesome kid."

When Hadden reflects on the seemingly random string of events that brought his family and Gracie together, he knows "it was meant to be."

(H/T: CBS News


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