They Combined Wind And Fire 'To Create A Swirling Vortex Of Flames,' And It's Hard To Look Away

Absolutely mesmerizing.


Gav and Dan, of the popular YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys, are at it again. The duo is known for blowing things up, shooting at objects, creating crazy events like tornados, and then filming the action with special HD high-speed cinema cameras. The amazing slow motion footage enables viewers to see exactly what's going on in incredible detail. 

This week, The Slow Mo guys decided to film something that looks particularly amazing when seen in slow motion — a fire tornado. 

Though fire tornados can occur naturally in the right conditions, Gav and Dan were able to create the event artificially by combining wind and fire, making "a swirling vortex of flames." To do this, they lit a fire in a bucket surrounded by box fans, turned the fans on and voilà! Fire tornado time.  

Seeing the tornado of fire move at its actual speed is impressive enough, but slowed down, it's absolutely mesmerizing.

Can't. Look. Away.


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