7 Reasons Finding The Love Of Your Life On Tinder Is Just As Romantic As Meeting Them IRL

Your true love could be just a swipe away...

1. Love at first sight? More like love at first swipe.


The ole "seeing someone across a crowded room" love story premise isn't too different than seeing someone on a crowded app.

Whether online or IRL, judging potential mates based on their appearance is natural. For many people, physical attraction is a necessary prerequisite for a romantic relationship. According to BBC Science, it can take between 90 seconds and four minutes to decide if you're attracted to someone. 

And while Tinder is often criticized for enabling our shallower sides, the written bios and featured "common interests" prove that some users do want insight into a potential love interest's personality before swiping. 

So while physical appearances may still be a major factor in many people's decision to swipe right, it isn't the only one. Even a one sentence bio can give you more in-depth information about a potential date than their distant body language at a party or bar.

2. You can still get butterflies in your stomach when gathering up the courage to start a conversation.

Some things never change, and the gut-wrenching giddiness of talking to someone you find attractive is no exception. 

While Tinderfellas and Tinderellas do enjoy the modern luxury of sending text messages while hiding behind the safety of their phones, you're still taking a chance and "putting yourself out there" in either scenario. Tinder messaging/texting also has the added sweaty palm-inducing perk of waiting for your partner's response. (Ah, to be young and attached to your phone!)

Arguably, romance is about what you feel, not what you do. 

Seeing a stranger on a dating app, swiping right on them, and starting a conversation is the virtual equivalent to seeing someone, walking up to them, and physically speaking to them. No matter what form your interaction with a potential love interest takes, you can always rely on the fickle, fluttery whims of your heart.

3. Matching on Tinder might lead to a first date you can tell the grandkids about.

All the power to those brave enough to Netflix and chill at a stranger's house immediately after matching with them on Tinder, but many singletons don't feel comfortable hooking up with someone they've never met. 

Instead, they arrange their first meeting with a Tinder match in a public place, usually one that offers food and/or alcohol, which many cultures (yes, even hookup culture) refer to as a "date."

While the most common way for millenials to meet their S.O. is still through mutual friends, those meetings aren't always romantic. Though there's certainly a level of added security with hooking up with a friend's friend you met at a party, that kind of casual interaction often results in an awkward morning after and subsequent awkward interactions every time you hang out with mutual friends.

This way, your first date is all but guaranteed to happen out of the house (at least at first), making for a much better story for the grandkids.

4. Knowing something about your love interest's personality from their profile means you don't have to rely on cheesy pickup lines to strike up a conversation.

Not everyone can pull off "How you doin?" as dreamily as Joey Tribbiani.

Even though many Tinderellas and Tinderfellas have sent and/or received cheesy, creepy, and frankly crazy pickup lines, that just makes it more romantic when someone begins a Tinder conversation about something they noticed in your bio or one of your pictures. They're expressing a legitimate interest in your personality and a desire to find common ground.

As opposed to the IRL "Come here often?" line, asking someone about their trip to Amsterdam or their love of labrador retrievers is a small, but nonetheless romantic gesture. 

By leading with a mutually interesting topic, you're partaking in a meaningful conversation that can lay down the foundation for a real relationship. Again, because Tinder profiles provide added insight into a potential date's personality, this is something that's far more achievable on a dating app than at a friend's party, bar, or even a blind date.

5. It's very easy to know where everyone stands romantically.

When you're hit on by a creepy, or simply unwanted, person IRL, you have to think of a way to excuse yourself. At least on Tinder, you can unmatch with a simple tap. Less creepiness equals more romance. That's just basic math.

Also, because you both know where you stand immediately, if you ask them out and they accept, you don't have to waste time worrying about whether it's a friends thing or a date. If you met on Tinder, it's probably a date.

6. Meeting someone at a bar was never that classy, anyway.

Don't get me wrong — bars are great. They essentially reward you with alcohol just for going outside. But they're not known ideal places to find the love of your life. 

Everyone's either heard of or experienced firsthand the power of beer goggles. If you meet someone when your inhibitions and consciousness are intentionally lowered, their appeal might wear off when your buzz does. Alcohol serves many important purposes, but being a great wingman isn't always one of them.

At least when you meet someone on Tinder, your chance of talking to someone sober is greater than zero. While many people do drink and swipe (especially on the weekend), the probability of having a coherent conversation is still better than meeting someone at a bar.

7. Meeting someone on Tinder is only unromantic if you let it be.

Many Tinder bios say, "We'll tell your parents we met at a bookstore" or some other "meet cute"-worthy location. But the classic romantic comedy "You've Got Mail" was way ahead of its time with its virtual meet cute and premise of finding true love online. 

Sure, it's about as realistic as every other romcom, but if we're supposed to believe some cutie will stand outside our window playing "In Your Eyes" on his iPhone, then it's definitely possible a real life love story can begin on Tinder.

Online dating has increasingly lost much of its stigma. More people than ever before are open to the idea of online dating, if nothing else, so there's no reason you should feel ashamed for meeting someone via a dating app, even Tinder.

Like life, Tinder is what you make of it. With an authentic profile, meaningful conversations, and realistic expectations, your online dating experience can be just as romantic and rewarding as meeting someone by chance.

Who knows? The love of your life might be a swipe away. There's only one way to find out...

Cover photo via Vladimir Kudinov / Unsplash.


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