New Audio Technology Will Help Visually Impaired Audiences Experience 'Finding Dory' Like Never Before

Just keep listening ... just keep listening ...

Thanks to new technology, more people than ever before will be able to find Dory.


Disney and Pixar have collaborated on a "smart-syncing audio descriptive narration program" that will allow low-vision and blind audience members to enjoy their latest film, Finding Dorythe much-anticipated sequel starring Ellen Degeneres

With more than 21 million people in the U.S. blind or visually impaired, this technology, provided by Audible Magic, is just that — magical.

Yes, way!  Giphy

Coinciding with Finding Dory's premiere today, the narration program is available on the Disney Movies Anywhere app via iTunes. 

This is the first time the functionality is available on the big screen, though home audiences have previously been able to use this functionality with the studio's last 16 movies — including Finding Nemo, of course.

Viewers can access the DMA app on their iPhone or iPad, and listen to the narration through headphones. 

Using the phone or tablet's microphone, the program "listens" to the film's original audio and perfectly syncs its descriptive narration, so audiences won't miss a moment of the nautical gnarlyness.

(H/T: E! News)

Cover image via YouTube


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