This Fan Theory Connecting 'Finding Dory' To The Other Pixar Movies Might Also Predict The Future

It all makes sense now.

Have you ever wondered if all the Pixar movies we love so much take place in the same universe? Well, according to one popular fan theory, they absolutely do. In 2013, Jon Negroni proposed "The Pixar Theory," which explains how all the movies, from Toy Story to Up, are connected on the same timeline.

With Finding Dory having just come out earlier this month, it's about time we start thinking about how it fits into the theory. Thankfully, YouTuber Jonathan Carlin of the Super Carlin Brothers put together a video suggesting how the new movie is connected to all the others, and it might just blow your mind.


Carlin sums up the Pixar Theory as dealing with a struggle between "humans, machines, and animals." Humans reach the peak of evolution in The Incredibles, but by the time of WALL-E, they're nearly extinct. It's when you start to consider the role of animals in this timeline that Finding Nemo and Finding Dory come into play.

As Carlin explains, the less impact humans have on animals, the more evolved they are. That's why the fish in the ocean can talk, but Buster from the Toy Story movies can't. 

"I think that's eventually the reason," Carlin explains, "that the animals, despite being on the rise, never really make it to the top. Because humans ruin the planet to the point where it can't support life at all."

That's where Finding Dory comes in. If you saw the movie, you might have noticed how polluted the water is once Dory and Marlin reach California. Carlin says this is where humans' destruction of the earth begins. 

Knowing how things end up for the humans at the end of the Pixar timeline, we might want to heed this movie as a wake-up call. Otherwise, all roads lead to WALL-E.

Hear all the details (spoilers included) in the video below:

(H/T: Bustle)


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