This Woman's Freaky 'Finding Dory' Makeup Tutorial Has Caught The Internet's Attention

That's one way to get excited for the new Pixar movie.

We've seen a ton of makeup tutorials in our time, but none of them are quite like this one. 

Makeup artist and beauty vlogger Chrisspy created a video featuring a Finding Dory transformation. In just a few minutes, she goes from looking like herself to looking exactly like a freaky fish person, with a shocking amount of detail.

"Finding Nemo is one of my favorite movies so I thought it would be fun to do a Dory transformation to celebrate Finding Dory," she wrote in the video's description. 

She starts by reshaping her brows to minimize their presence on her face and puts on a bald cap. 


Next, she looks at a picture of Dory and maps out her features using some eyeliner.

Then, she fills in the outlines with paint.

To complete the look, Chrisspy pins a printed out image of Dory's fins to her bald cap.

The final result is a creepily accurate Dory on top of a human's body.

Check out the whole thing in the video below:


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