This 'Finding Dory' Justin Bieber Parody Is Oddly Perfect

"Is it too late now to find Dory?"

Somethings were just made to be mash-ups. That's the way we feel about Finding Dory and Justin Bieber's song "Sorry" now that we've seen this beautifully executed parody of the two. 

In it, Bieber's lyrics are swapped with words that fit with Finding Dory's  story line. Instead of focusing on saying sorry, the song surrounds finding Dory. 

"Is it too late now to find Dory? / Cuz she's missing Jenny and Charlie / Yeah, you know, Nemo he won't let you down / Is it too late to find Dory now?"

The video is edited in a way that looks like Pixar's sea creatures are poorly lip-syncing some of the words. It's really something. 


Check it out below:

We have a feeling Bieber would approve.


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