11 Panda Puzzles That Are Even Harder Than The One You Already Solved

Can you find him in all of them?

Remember when the Internet was obsessed with this panda puzzle a few weeks back?


Since then, people have taken it upon themselves to create even more difficult versions of find-the-panda.

Check out some of our favorites below:

1. Can you find the Lego dog among all these pandas?

OK, that one wasn't so bad.

2. But this one? Do you see the panda hidden between all these Storm Troopers?

3. How about here?

4. Looks kind of like a raccoon in this one, but he's in there.

5. OK, this one is impossible.

6. Panda goes to heavy metal show. Can you find him?

7. There is, in fact, a panda smushed in here.

8. This one's gonna take us all day.

9. Charm edition.

10. He's teeny tiny, but he's in there.

11. Last one.

How many did you solve?


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