Watch The Final Five Bring Their Medal-Winning Skills To A New Game

Once again making America proud.

Jimmy Fallon debuted a new game on Tuesday night's episode of The Tonight Show, and he had the perfect players to pull it off — the Final Five. 

Not only are they Olympic gold medalists in the women's gymnastics all-around, but they displayed positive attitudes throughout the games, even as they faced ignorance and criticism from journalists and online trolls. That makes them the ideal guests for Jimmy's feel-good show.

The audience was definitely happy to have them there, as they enthusiastically chanted "U-S-A!" upon their arrival.

The game Jimmy chose to play was "Hungry Hungry Humans." And yes, that's exactly what it sounds like: a life-size version of the board game Hungry Hungry Hippos where the hippos are humans. Teams of two try to gather as many balls as possible using buckets and the team with the most balls wins.

If you're wondering what that looks like in action, this should give you an idea:


Despite having the amazing Simone Biles on his team, Jimmy only walked away with bronze. The gold spot went to Laurie Hernandez and Aly Raisman. Meanwhile, fellow celebrity guest Donald Glover and Black Thought of the Roots didn't even medal. That's what happens when you go up against five Olympians in a giant board game.

Watch all the fun in the video below:


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