Mississippi Man Keeps Camera Running As Tornado Destroys His Business

Oh no!

If you're ever in a tornado, please take cover.

That's about all we can say about this video, where a man named William Boseman temporarily opts to film his harrowing experience inside a tornado before running for cover at the very last moment. 

The tornado was one of several that touched down in Mississippi on December 23rd, this one reportedly destroying Boseman's business Bumper to Bumper.

We know catching incredible things on video is all the rage these days, but we also don't want to endorse this behavior at any time. If you're ever in a tornado, hurricane or other natural disaster with high gusting winds, closets and bathrooms on the ground floor or lower are the best places for you to go. Basements are ideal.

For more information on how to stay safe, go here

(H/T: The Vane)


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