Olympic Swimmer Rescues Drowning Man Off Coast Of Mediterranean Island

A bronze medalist became a hero.

If you were ever in need of a water rescue, few people would be more equipped than Filippo Magnini.

Fortunately for one tourist in Sardinian beach, Magnini was sunbathing nearby when he began to drown off the coast, The New York Times reported. The man's friends called to the lifeguards for help, but Magnini was nearby and quickly jumped into the water, swam towards him and kept his head above water while the lifeguards caught up from behind. 


Magnini is an Olympic bronze medalist swimmer and has won two world championships in the freestyle events. Despite retiring from swimming in 2017, he apparently made it to the drowning man with ease and helped save his life. 

Filippo Magnini swimming during the 7th Trofeo citta di Milano.  Shutterstock / Federico Rostagno

Magnini told Marco Bencivenga, who was on the Italian island for vacation and runs a newspaper in Italy, that the man was swallowing water and struggling when he got to him. Lifeguards and Magnini took the man to shore. He received treatment, was taken to a nearby hospital and was released. 

"I only did what I had to do," Magnini said, according to Bencivenga.

Cover photo: Shutterstock / Federico Rostagno


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