Adorable Fifth-Grader Interviews Some Of Our Favorite People At Fashion Week

Getting answers to the questions no one's asking.


When it comes to fashion week, reporters and interviewers are constantly talking to celebrities, models, and designers about the latest trends, shows, parties, and beyond.

But in a refreshing video for Glamour magazine, one adorable fifth-grader, Oliver Berman — who you may remember from a fashion week earlier this year —scopes out the New York scene, asking people such as designer Rebecca Minkoff, actress Victoria Justice, and model Coco Rocha, pressing questions.

Perhaps the best parts of the video come when Berman earnestly respond to what the interviewees have to say, like when he asks Minkoff for some fashion slang. 

"How about 'chic-de-la-chic?" Minkoff says.

To which Berman responds, "I have no idea what that means."  

Berman also finds out who Justice wants to see walking down the runway in a swimsuit, what song Rocha would choose to strut down the runway, and Ken Downing's favorite animal print. 

Hear those answers and more in the full video below:


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