Bet You've Never Seen 'Synchronized Swimming' On Dry Land Before

These kids are ready for the Olympics.

These boys may be performing on dry land, but we're confident that they've still created the best synchronized swimming routine you've ever seen at an elementary school talent show. Eight 11-year-old students at W.A. Porter Elementary School in Hurst, Texas, decided to do things a little differently for their school's annual performance this year. Instead of a more typical act, they (and their moms) choreographed a synchronized swimming routine — minus the water.

To get into character, the boys wore goggles, swim trunks and swim caps. In perfect synch, they leaped, swam and dived behind a blue plastic tarp, rather than into a pool of water. The effect works. These talented kids look like they're really doing a swimming routine and the crowd eats it up. Truly, these are some creative kids. We also have to give major props to their parents, because teaching eight preteens to do anything on time and at once is no easy feat.

Currently, only women can compete in synchronized swimming at the Olympics. But after seeing this video, we definitely think a rule change is in order.

Check out their charming performance below:


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