15 People Who Will Teach You How To Be Fierce

May 'fierce' be your middle name.

1. Naturally.


2. This kid.

Brendan Jordan, age 15, who got famous for strutting like a diva during a mall opening, has just became the new American Apparel model. Talk about fierce.

Yup, he truly has it.

4. The hands on this man.

5. This poker face master.

6. Work that updo!

7. This drama queen.

8. This sassy young lady.

9. This guy who's just too sexy for everything.

10. This flirtatious kid.

11. Conan, who totally gets it.

12. This poser.

13. Liam, who stays fierce for his fans.

14. This pile of hair.

15. This guy. Because there's no other way.

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