Fetty Wap Just Dropped His Remix Of 'My Way' Featuring Drake And. It. Is. FIRE!

"Baby won't you come my waaaayyy"

World...meet Fetty Wap, in case you haven't heard of him already.


The New Jersey native has been lighting up charts and radios everywhere since last summer with his out-of-no-where smash hit, "Trap Queen."

It has garnered 62 million views on YouTube and is now sitting at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. An incredible feat considering he hasn't even released an album yet. 

As Wap explained to Pitchfork, "We pushed that song crazy on Instagram, Twitter, all day. We did it for two, three months straight—pushing it, pushing it, pushing it, pushing it, like a machine! It was really genuine work. We did it ourselves."

He even has Jay Z and Beyonce vibing out to the track!

Now Drake, one of the pioneers of the "get rich off a mixtape" approach, has joined Wap on the remix and next smash hit, "My Way".

Drake has already helped numerous musicians reach an even wider audience with his spot-on features, such as The Weeknd with "Crew Love", ILoveMakkonen with "Tuesday" and P. Reign with "DnF".

Billboard is already proclaiming that this single could be epic for Fetty.

We honestly couldn't agree more. This single is going to be everywhere. Bump it below.


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