When This Guy's Jam Comes On, Nothing Else In The World Matters

"OK this is my jam, I have to dance to it!"

Sometimes you just gotta let loose and dance like there's no one watching — or like everyone's watching, catching your moves on camera, so the whole Internet can see. 

Well, that's just what one dude did, dancing carefree to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's " "Uptown Funk" at T in the Park music festival in Scotland. 

And it's no wonder a crowd of onlookers gathered to cheer him on, because... 


...if this isn't what true happiness looks like, then we don't know what.

The 18-year-old, identified in the video description as Fred Rawicz, looks like he's having the best time ever, and when his friends uploaded the dance video to Facebook on Tuesday, it got over 2.8 million views. 

In response to the overwhelming attention, Rawicz told BuzzFeed News: "It was very surreal!" As soon as I heard the song come on I was just like, 'OK this is my jam, I have to dance to it!'"

He also mentioned he's not a trained dancer, but just loves "to dance to songs like that!" 

Check out the video below, and try (JUST TRY) not to smile:

He's not the first festival-goer to catch the attention of the Internet with his pure love of music and dance. Earlier this year, a girl seen dancing at an Australia festival, also captivated us all with her moves. Check it out here. 

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