This Couple Didn't Take Pictures On Their Wedding Day 70 Years Ago. Now, They're Finally Getting Their Photo Shoot.

"They are a beautiful example of what marriage is meant to be."

After a whopping 70 years, Ferris and Margaret Romaire have done a lot together. They have built a life filled with love, laughter, and family, and they have four kids, eight grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren.


The one thing they were missing was wedding photos.

When the high school sweethearts got married back in 1946, it was a simple, but loving celebration. Ferris, now 90, had just returned from serving in WWII six months earlier. He married Margaret, now 89, in a ceremony that took 15 minutes. The reception was held in the bride's parents' backyard where guests enjoyed cake and drinks. 

Unfortunately, there was no camera on hand so no photos exist of the couple's special day. The Romaire's granddaughter, Amanda Kleckley, wanted to give them the wedding photos they never had to commemorate their 70th year together, so she enlisted the help of photographer Lara Carter.

The resulting photo shoot has Ferris and Margaret reenacting some of the big moments from their wedding. Margaret donned a veil in some shots and held a bouquet. In other snaps, the loving couple exchanged a heartwarming kiss, showed off their wedding rings, and toasted the celebration with champagne. 

In some shots, the couple pose with photos they have collected from the earlier days of their relationship.

Carter told A Plus via email that the couple credit their long marriage to the good example of their own parents. Margaret's parents were married for 64 years, while Ferris's were married for 65. 

She elaborated that the love between them is apparent, "This couple has an amazing story and they were both so sweet and full of smiles! You can see the love between them in just the way they interact with each other and laugh together as we would go from the different poses. [This] to me shines through in their images," she said, "Working with these two was very special to me and from the second Amanda asked me to do the session, I couldn't wait."

Carter hopes that viewers see the love and joy when they look at the photos. As she says, "They are a beautiful example of what marriage is meant to be."


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