Ferris Bueller Took His 'Day Off' Exactly 30 Years Ago. Here Are The Movie's Six Best Moments, In Honor Of The Occasion.

Stay in school, kids

It's an auspicious day, people. A day that, in an ideal world, would be known throughout the land, celebrated in schools, recognized by the government: it's the 30th anniversary of the day Ferris Bueller took his infamous "Day Off." On June 5, 1985, Ferris and his buddies Cameron and Sloane ditched school, stole a Ferrari and had one of the best days any kid could imagine. Though the movie came out a year later, in June 1986, viewers have scoured every frame to discover exactly when the events of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" took place.

The answer finally came when a writer for Baseball Prospectus, Larry Granillo, decided to examine the Cubs game Ferris and his friends attend. There aren't enough identifying details in the scene that takes place at Wrigley Field, but there's another moment in the film that also depicts the game: Mr. Rooney watches it on TV in a pizza shop. During that scene, enough commentary of the game was audible for Granillo to identify what day it took place. The writer confirmed several details and voíla: June 5 was confirmed as the official Day of the Ditch.

In honor of this momentous event, and of bored teens everywhere, here are the six greatest moments of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off":


When Cam impersonates Sloane's father.

This phone prank was so well planned

When Ferris' teacher takes attendance.

Fun fact: Ben Stein worked as a speechwriter for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

When Ferris highjacks an entire parade.

Twist and shout!

When Cam finally stood up to his dad (and accidentally destroyed his car).

"It's his fault he didn't lock the garage."

When Janie flirts with Charlie Sheen.

Let's be real, Jeannie is the real hero of this movie

The best part of all: When Ferris gets away with it!

Congratulations on 30 years, Ferris.


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