When Ellen Saw This 11-Year-Old Shred A Ukulele, She Just Had To Have Him On Her Show

You have to hear his take on Michael Jackson.

Over the years, Ellen DeGeneres has welcomed so many brilliant and talented kids to her stage — a guitarist, gymnast, periodic table expert, pianist, and beyond. Now, she's invited Feng E, an 11-year-old ukulele prodigy who went viral after playing his ukulele on the streets of Taiwan.


Before performing, Feng E talks with DeGeneres in front of her audience, mentioning that he's been playing the ukulele for about six years before describing his first trip to Los Angeles. When asked about his music inspirations, Feng E names Michael Jackson before playing a quick portion from Jackson's "Beat It." 

Afterward, Feng E takes to the performance stage to play "Classical Gas," wowing the audience with his skills. Following the song, Feng E is met with a standing ovation.

"Unbelievable! So good," DeGeneres says. 

In the video below, which went viral, you can see Feng E playing to a crowd of onlookers.

Feng E has also performed numerous other covers for his YouTube channel, including The Cranberries' "Dreams," Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven," and The Beatles' "Blackbird" — the latter of which you can see below. 


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