These Stunning Disney Landscapes Are Fairy Tales With An Extra Dose Of Girl Power

These princesses are ready to take on the world.

London-based artist Nikita Gill doesn't have a little girl yet, but she's already preparing to empower her one day daughter via reimagined bedside stories. Her princess landscape series, "Disney: A Feminist Approach," will provide the perfect picture book accompaniment. 

"I created these pieces with a single goal at mind and at heart, which was to illustrate to the daughter I will one day have the strength and determination in herself and her own identity, no matter what she sees on television," Gill told A+ in an email. "I want her to aspire to being a strong, independent woman."

Gill created the series by drawing iconic silhouettes from Disney movies inside stunningly recolored landscapes.

"The idea was to make an enviable landscape that almost reminds one of the reflection of the sky in the sea to illustrate the magnitude of their futures, their destinies," Gill said.

Check out the series - and some of Gill's thoughts on her empowered princesses - below.


"[I depicted] strong, independent women that may or may not have a Prince."

"We used to tell princess stories in a way we were most accustomed to."

"Like fables, fairytales, where feminism isn't always visible and in some cases completely dismissed."

"But their 'happy endings' are dictated by a sense of maturity and independence in handling their situation."

"I would like to know more about the struggles of women who stand up for what they believe in."

"The romance aspect of a story needs to become secondary to the development of a female character as a personality that takes control of her choices. "

"I truly hope that the people who see these illustrations see them as a way to get in touch with the more feminist side of themselves."

"And most importantly, tell their daughters that [they] are strong and in control of their own destinies. "

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