This Longboarder Does Some Crazy Moves While Shredding The Streets

1 percent talent, 99 percent hard work.

Most dancers honed their craft on a studio's polished hardwood floor. But not Ana Maria Suzano.


This 17-year-old Brazilian girl practices her moves while zooming down the street on a longboard.

And her hard work has paid off. Look at Suzano's incredible cross-stepping skill. She makes it look so easy.


According to Rio de Janeiro's Guanabara Longboard School, Suzano spent over two years perfecting her "longboard dance technique."

It's incredible how she performs such graceful routines on a moving skateboard.

Suzano's Instagram is full of motivational quotes, such as "work until you don't have to introduce yourself" and "work until your idols become your rivals."

Looks like this girl is serious about taking over the world. For what it's worth, she's already skated her way into our hearts.

Watch this video to see even more of Suzano's incredible skills.

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