Female Journalists Want An Arkansas Radio Station To Know They're #MoreThanABabe

"I've lived more than most do in four lifetimes."

If you follow journalists on Twitter, you may have seen some tweets that include #MoreThanABabe, but the hashtag is more than just the empowering catch phrase du jour. In fact, it's a direct response to radio station KABZ-FM 103.7 in Little Rock, Arkansas, after said radio station opted not to do away with its long-running "Babe Bracket" — a ranking of local female reporters and anchors based solely on attractiveness. 

As the hashtag implies, women are much more than their physical attributes, but even in the age of increased awareness, the powers that be at KABZ-FM 103.7 didn't feel a need to put an end to the bracket this year.

According to HuffPost, the bracket, which has been running on KABZ-FM 103.7 for over two decades, involves the hosts of "The Show With No Name" pitting 16 women against each other. The show's listeners then vote on who makes it through each round, until ultimately a local "winner" is crowned. 


The bracket has an unlikely group of supporters, including a lingerie company which sponsors it. Furthermore, ABC News notes that Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson even went on KABZ to declare "everybody enjoys [the bracket]." The politician also said the (all male) radio hosts who run the bracket are "well-intentioned," but later clarified that he doesn't endorse the competition. 

Still, the Associated Press reports that Hutchinson's comments pushed Arkansas reporter Winnie Wright, who was last year's Babe Bracket runner-up, to take action. Thus, #MoreThanABabe was born to show the world that female journalists are much more than the bracket suggested. Take a look at some of the powerful responses below:

Cover image via Shutterstock / wellphoto.


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