Kinessa Johnson Is An Afghan War Vet Who Hunts Poachers In Her Retirement

Badass is an understatement.

Kinessa Johnson is an Afghan war veteran who spent four and a half years with the U.S. Army and now that her service is completed, she's switching her sniper rifle sights onto a different breed of enemy. As a member of VETPAW (Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife), Johnson recently shipped off to to fight poaching in Tanzania, a mecca for safari wildlife that also sadly makes it a hot spot for illegal markets such as the ivory trade. According to VETPAW, nearly 100 elephants worldwide are slaughtered daily for their tusks, and sales often fund terrorist organizations and their attacks.

That's where veterans like Johnson come in. Check out what makes this "poacher hunter" a bigger badass than most of us will ever hope to be:


She's quite the shot, able to split a bullet on the head of an an axe like it's no big deal.

Here's one of the tiny, not-at-all-daunting rifles she uses to get the job done.

Just your standard 9-to-5.

Here's more of Kinessa looking like the last person you should mess with.

And here's the beautiful wildlife she's protecting.

If all this inspires you to ask for Kinessa's hand in marriage, get in line. Thank her Reddit AMA for how long it is.

(H/T: Ryot)


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