People Choke On Words After Being Asked To Translate A Homophobic Message

Talk about a lump in your throat.

How often do you feel shame for someone else's actions? Like when someone loudly slurps their soup or scathingly curses on the phone in front of their little kids?

These are just a few daily examples that can make you feel really unsetted with a total stranger's behavior. 

But what happens when that stranger is toying with basic human rights? This daring social experiment is on the way to finding out.

Created by a nonprofit Spanish organization FELGBT (State Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender rights) as part of their #SpeakUpLoud campaign, the experiment features a young gay couple traveling around Spain.


The couple approaches passersby, asking them to translate a message they've received from the hostel owner.

They hand strangers the printed email and listen to their translation. It seems easy and lighthearted at first.

But after a few sentences, the reading stops. 'It's better if you go to another hostel,' one girl says.

The video was filmed using hidden cameras and captures total strangers' reactions to the homophobic remarks printed in the alleged email from the hostel owner. 

They struggle to find words to deliver such a hurtful message. Most of them tell the couple not to hold back and go straight to police.

FELGBT's social experiment is meant to address the discrimination of LGBT people in Spain and raise public's awareness to be more actionable when presented with a situation like this.

Watch the full video below:

It seems like the social experiment borrowed inspiration from a campaign commissioned by the Lithuanian Center for Human Rights back in March 2015. 

Titled Svetima Geda (which roughly translates to "secondhand embarrassment"), it focused on solving racial issues in the country and used a very similar format. Check it out here!


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