How One Studio Brings The Joy Of Music And Dance To Those Who Are Deaf And Hard Of Hearing

It was created for the deaf community, but all are welcome

Jari Majewski grew up with her interests split between musical theater and American Sign Language. While creating an accessible dance studio that caters to the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities might not be an obvious step for most, it was for her. So in 2016, she founded the studio Feel the Beat, which integrates specific teaching techniques for the deaf and hard of hearing with some revolutionary technology.

"After watching a deaf-blind student interact with instruments and having observed how deaf and hard-of-hearing students were drawn to feeling the face of a speaker, we knew we not only had to create our own program but that it needed to have a tactile element in order to provide access to music," Majewski told A Plus.

Seeing the benefits that music and dance had on the capabilities and confidence of these differently abled students, she had an idea: "How great would it be if we could create an entire dance floor that was a speaker?" And it was this idea that led her to work with speaker technology companies to come up with an entire dance floor that allows for a full-body experience with music. 

The dance floor at Feel the Beat is full of bone-conduction transducers that vibrate the body at low frequencies to create the experience of feeling music. And the results have been life-changing for many of her students.

Learn more about Feel the Beat in the video above.


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