When You Think Of Hunger, You Probably Wouldn't Think This Family Faces It — But You Should

Nearly 41 million Americas go hungry each day.

Nearly 41 million Americans — 13 million of them children — go hungry each day, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. When you think about the families that lack access to good food, there's probably an image that pops into your head. What if you found out, though, that there is no one representation of the type of person who experiences this very real issue?


"Most people are not aware that hunger is prevalent everywhere in the U.S.," Catherine Davis, the CMO for Feeding America, told Adweek. "A lot of people blame the hungry [for not having the means to buy food]. Over 50 percent of the people Feeding America serves have a job."

Feeding America — the third-largest charity in the U.S., which was founded in 1979 — serves 1 in every 7 Americans each day through its nationwide network of 200 food banks as well as 60,000 food pantries and meal programs. It has created a PSA for World Food Day — a date to honor the 1945 establishment of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and raise awareness about hunger around the globe — which enlightens viewers about those who go hungry on a daily basis.

The nearly two-and-a-half-minute ad shows us a single, working-class mom who struggles to provide for a school-aged son. The two of them go about their days, her at work and him at school, without anything to eat. The boy sees an empty fridge when he gets home and the mom watches food about to be thrown out at work, choosing to not talk about the family's hunger problem, and takes the discarded food home at the end of the day so the two of them can eat together. There is a happy ending, though, as the mom and son eventually go to a food shelter or food pantry to stock up.

At the end, a voiceover calls attention to the work Feeding America is doing and notes that 72 billion pounds of food is dumped in landfills each year. This waste of food would come in handy to the millions of Americans who face hunger — not limited to any group of people specifically — and remain silent about the daily struggle.

Watch the full ad from Feeding America here:


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