Scope It Out: Lifestyle Tips For Your February Horoscope

Get the most out of your month.


Scope it Out is an original A Plus Lifestyle series:Each month, we take a lighthearted approach to horoscopes, and provide lifestyle advice based on each zodiac sign to optimize the positivity in your month.

While horoscopes aren't based in science, we can still have a bit of fun with them. So, for all the astrology-enthusiasts out there, we sifted through this month's horoscopes for each unique zodiac sign, and pulled out some noteworthy lifestyle changes that may be heading your way.

Based on what we gathered, we've rounded up a ton of tips and tricks to help enhance your lifestyle — whether it be in fashion, relationships, family, or your own well-being — in case any of these predictions become your reality.

Scroll through this sign-by-sign guide for lifestyle tips based on your horoscope: 


Astrostyle says: "This is your birthday season, and the focus is rightfully on you. So… what DO you want to accomplish in this next revolution 'round the Sun? Take time to really consider that now. If you've got a solo project in the works, give it front-burner status. No time for people-pleasing, Aquarius. Step into the spotlight and let your voice be heard."

We recommend: A pair of new earphones to help you focus, an inspirational calendar to keep you on track, a fresh laptop case to work in style, and your birthstone-inspired eyeshadow for your big birthday night.

Pisces says: "The 10th and 11th are excellent days to treat yourself to something special, so plan a day at the spa or check out your favorite museum. Books are of special value and delight to you now; read every one you can get your hands on with curiosity and abandon." 

We recommend: Make an appointment at your favorite spa or give yourself a DIY treatment with some candles and bubble bath. Need a good book? Try out Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and keep your new collection organized with these adorable pug bookends.


Astrostyle says: "You could meet someone who becomes an inspiring friend or a helpful contact, so make an extra effort to ask people about themselves and their interests. Give a friend or colleague a Facebook shoutout or some social media love — propping others up will definitely put good karma out there. Seeds planted today will blossom over the next six months, so make the rounds at an industry party. Respond "yes" to events and campaigns that help a worthy cause."

We recommend: When you're not attending charity events, you can support a worthy cause in your day-to-day life, too. Try Zady's sustainable alpaca beanie, or hold onto a phone case that raises awareness for breast cancer. And when you're at those industry events, don't forget your business cards! Keep them safe in a case like the one below.


Maria DeSimone at says: "Career news gets even brighter on February 13 when Mercury enters your career sector, and again on February 16 when your ruling planet, Venus, joins as well. With so many planets clustered in the area of your chart connected to honors, reputation, and profession, you'll surely make wonderful career strides this month." 

We recommend: Sounds like it's time for a new work wardrobe! Make a few splurges or find some more afforable pieces to spruce up your workwear. Think jumpsuits, blazers, and trousers like the ones below.

Miss Selfridge jumpsuit, $95, Topshop cigarette trousers, $75, River Island black blazer, $110, Madewell tee, $19.99 Diane von Furstenberg jumpsuit, $648


Maria DeSimone at says: "'ll make forward progress in an educational pursuit, such as studying for an advanced degree or license." 

We recommend: Get what you need for the ultimate study party. We love a good backpack to help carry around all your supplies, like these daily planners you can use any year. Of course, you'll need coffee, so get yourself a new study mug with a place for some yummy snacks. 


Astrostyle says: "Grab the mic: The February 22 Virgo full moon illuminates your third house of communication, handing you the proverbial mic. Your sign can sometimes hold back (and then eventually bubble over with hard-to-understand emotion), so consider this your green light to fine-tune the way you express yourself to others, verbally and in writing, too." 

We recommend: Get into a writer's groove with your very own notebook and some sassy pencils. Decorate your workspace with a new, artsy pen holder and you're sure to feel inspired. 


Astrostyle says: "With Mercury's mayhem firmly in the rearview, the new moon marks an excellent date to make things official. A romantic partnership could also arise — or rocket to the next level — at the Aquarius new moon." 

We recommend: Sounds like date night's in the works! Women, try a flirty wrap top or an elegant embroidered one. And men, check out these gorgeous cashmere sweaters or a trendy, black denim button down that's sure to impress.


Astrostyle says: "Since Virgo is the natural ruler of the zodiac's sixth house, you're in the zone now. Go forth and declutter! Color-code your spreadsheets! Iron your undies! Geek out with abandon. If your holiday indulging has stretched faaaaar into the new year, Aquarius season sounds the call for clean slates and regular workouts." 

We recommend: If you're getting in the workout groove this month, you might want to toss out your old sneakers for a new pair. Try the men and women's Nike kicks below. For a fun workout date with a friend, try out a new yoga or pilates class and show up with a new yoga sling bag. 


Astrostyle says: "Cupid, fire your arrows hither! The Sun is blazing through Aquarius, your fifth house of lust, passion and creativity, until February 18. It's Valentine's MONTH for you, Libra, and your romantic sign should have no issue with that. Whether you buy your own Godiva gift pack or receive tokens of affection from someone else, this is a month to celebrate yourself, and life in all its splendor." 

We recommend: This Valentine's day, find the perfect LBD and warm cardigan for your date night. Or, treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry, or an indulgent bath with these gorgeous chocolate soaps (or both!). 


Astrostyle says: "February is your annual cozy season, as the Sun visits Aquarius, your fourth house of home and family, through February 18. Women and children could play an especially prominent role in events and your nesting instincts are turned up high. You also may find yourself drawn to more "feminine" energy—touching indie films instead of action-packed blockbusters, yoga over blood-pumping cardio, tea salons with kirtan music over the dive bar with a live band." 

We recommend: Get fresh, loose leaf tea at home with your own cast iron pot and some berry white tea. Turn on your favorite indie film (or one you never had a chance to watch) and sit back and relax. 


 Astrostyle says: "Just pull out the powersuit on February 22, when the Virgo full moon beams into your tenth house of career and success. You could have your first major professional triumph today. Since this full moon is the culmination of the September 13 Virgo new moon — also a supercharged solar eclipse —you could see all the work you've been doing since the fall come together with a flourish. Maybe it's time to change paths, or to step into a leadership role."

We recommend: Need a good power outfit? Rock one of these men and women's blazers with a tie, a silk scarf, and your favorite watch. 


Astrostyle says: "Now, the juicy part begins: You can start putting those grand New Year's and birthday resolutions into concrete actions and plans. If you haven't set any #goals yet, you'll be inspired to do so now." 

We recommend: Tackle those resolutions with a new to-do notebook you can refer to as you go along. Perhaps you want to become more eco-friendly? Try this sustainable water bottle. Or you want to get back into the art scene? Order up some sketch pads and do your thing. Hang a chalk board station in your kitchen and keep track of all your goals — it'll be a helpful reminder every time you see it.

And with that, we're ready to take on February.

Cover photo via Shutterstock / Jurik Peter


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