In The New 'Fear The Walking Dead' Trailer, A Virus Has Spread To 5 States. Which Ones?

Let's speculate.

Fear the Walking Dead, the spin-off of AMC's hit drama The Walking Dead, is approaching fast with an August debut and details leaking bit by bit, bite by bite. Given that the original show is still on the air after five seasons and shows no signs of slowing its zombie-fueled apocalypse down, the spin-off is primed for just as much fanfare. A second trailer for Fear the Walking Dead has just been released and this one starts to tease at a denial that presumably makes things spin out of control.

Whereas the first trailer just showed Nick (Frank Dillane) running in absolute terror, this one actually has dialogue. Kim Dickens appears as Madison, a high school guidance counselor trying to placate one of her students. The kid starts out by referring to "reports in five states" and goes on to describe how "they don't know if it's a virus, or, or, a microbe, they don't know, but it's spreading."

Madison responds by beginning to tell the student he needs to spend less time online, but he cuts her off and cries, "No, no, people are killing!" She further attempts to calm his nerves, but he won't have it. Clearly things are already getting bad. It's a conversation that lasts less than 30 seconds, but there's plenty to pull out of it — perhaps most interestingly, to which states has the virus or microbe or what have you, spread already?

Let's pick our list.



If everything is bigger in Texas, it stands to reason that this state would be prime for an outbreak. Big burgers, big steaks, big sodas, big everything. That means lots of sharing — one moment you're sharing a rack of ribs with your best bud and the next he's chewing on your arm. Don't mess.

New York

Easy. One sick Texan tourist on a crowded subway in New York City, one sneeze and that's it.

New Jersey

Sorry, Jersey. Chris Christie was on that subway car.


Already plagued by natural disasters on the regular, Florida is unfortunately an easy target for the old "add insult to injury" saying. After Christie announces his presidency, he makes Florida one of his first stops on the campaign and things go even further south.

South Dakota

Every list has its wild card. Poor South Dakota. No explanation for this one.

Watch the trailer here:

Cover image: AMC via YouTube


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