'Fear The Walking Dead' Teaser Is 30 Seconds Of Running In Hysteria

Dude looks scared.

AMC's The Walking Dead is still going strong after five seasons and has major bragging rights as the most-watched cable show of all time. So it makes sense the network would want to fatten up its cash cow even further with a spinoff show. Now the teaser for that spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead, is here, containing a heavy dose of the fear its name advertises.

The show takes place in Los Angeles right at the time of the zombie disease outbreak, as opposed to the original Walking Dead, which takes place mainly in the suburbs and country outside of Atlanta when hordes of zombies already vastly outnumber living humans. Although the teaser doesn't actually show any of the fresh zombies, we do see the character Nick (Frank Dillane) presumably reacting to an encounter with one (or more). If nothing else, Dillane will definitely be good at depicting states of extreme terror.

As he hops out a window, makes his way down an alley, then bursts out onto the street and sprints past the camera, he's pulling up his pants and his shirt is completely unbuttoned. Although it'd be easy to joke how he probably just heard his girlfriend's dad pull up in the driveway, let's not go there. This is the apocalypse, people. Smartasses are the first to die.

Anyway, with a simple scene of genuine, unbridled fear, the team behind Fear the Walking Dead has drummed up a stinging shot of hype over its new show, which debuts in August.


Watch the terror for yourself below:

Cover image: AMC via YouTube


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