Here Are 5 Reasons Why FOMO Is Totally Overrated

Missing out on what, exactly? Waking up hungover and broke?

Many people have FOMO. Others have the opposite of FOMO. They have FOGS: Fear Of Getting Stuck. They don't want to get stuck at a bar where their credit card is held hostage. They don't want to get stuck sitting around while their friends keep drunk-texting people on Tinder. They don't want to get stuck standing in line. They don't wanna get stuck babysitting the sloppy drunk friend. They don't wanna get stuck as the DD. 


1. So what's worse than missing out? Getting stuck, that's what.

They don't wanna get stuck being bored, basically. And other people's plans, like it or not, usually revolve around the happiness of who

Yep. Other people.

People with FOGS value freedom of movement and independence above everything else: miss out on that and you're missing out on life.

2. Chances are, nothing spectacular is going to happen.

How many times have you heard the aftermath of a party or an event as something like..."Yeah, Donald Trump pulled up in towncar and wrote everybody standing in line a blank check?"


You know why? Because it doesn't happen. Unless it does, in which case, you can still comfort yourself because...

3. By NOT going out, you're saving money.

How much money do you spend when you go out? What do you wake up with besides a hangover?

Let's say you spend $400.00 a month on going out. That's a pretty low estimate if you live in a city like L.A. or NYC, but it's nearly $5000 a year. What if you invested that money? Hell, what if you just threw it in a savings account?

You'd be making money, that's what.

You live and die by FOMO and you're losing money. Never mind the "buy experiences, not things" business. Another night standing in line at a club, getting drunk, mitigating drama, and then humblebragging it all over Instagram isn't an experience worth paying for.

There are SOME experiences worth having, but being under FOMO pressure for a night at the trap isn't one of them.

4. FOMO is often just a ticket on the Hot Mess Express.

You wanna be the guy who got his ass kicked by the bouncer and threw up in the cab?

You wanna be the girl who walked home with only one shoe?

No. You don't. That's a level of rock bottom that people shake their heads at while watching reality television.  

Missing out on an evening of black-outs and bad ideas isn't missing out: it's good decision-making. 

5. Fear of missing out, like all other fears, is just that: a fear.

If you feed your fears long enough, they'll eventually get big enough to devour you. What does FOMO lead to? Compulsion. Compulsion isn't really making a choice in the sense that it takes into account pros and cons. It's an emotional response that leads to an action. 

You have the power to reason, so use it. 

No reason to give it fear any power by succumbing to it.

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