New York City Firefighters Had A Very Effective Response To A Street Preacher's Hateful Words

They made their feelings very, very clear.

New York City firefighters made sure that a preacher shouting anti-Muslim rhetoric in the streets couldn't be heard as they used their fire alarms to drown out her words.

The entire event was captured in a YouTube video uploaded by Shockgasm TV in July, but it's now going viral. As of August 17, the video has over 115,000 views.

The video depicts a born-again Christian preacher standing just outside of what appears to be FDNY Engine 10 and Ladder 10 in downtown Manhattan, near the World Trade Center site. At first, the preacher shouted to pedestrians to repent.

"I am a firefighter trying to pull you people out of the flames of hellfire," she said.

Then things took a turn for the Islamophobic. While outside, she said that Islam is "the other religion trying to kill you."

"We have security here because of Islam," she said. "There's not any Christians stealing planes and ramming them into buildings."

Before she could say anything else, the firefighters inside the station blasted their fire sirens. The loud sound of the alarms successfully drowned out her Islamaphobic message.

Frank Dwyer, a spokesperson for the FDNY, told Mic that "the video speaks for itself."


Watch the full video:


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