These Little Girls In Princess Crowns Are Covered In Bruises For One Shocking Reason

One, two, three, four.

These little girls' glitzy gowns and costume jewelery are straight out of a fairy tale. But the bruises painting their faces are anything but.

T-shirt brand FCKH8 is back with a new video featuring its "potty-mouthed princess posse" and the little girls certainly aren't sparing any words. Their anger is an appropriate reaction to the society that they suggest is encouraging continued domestic violence against women — even if their word choice is up for debate.

"Here's a fact more f*cked up than the word f*ck," the little girls say. "One out of four women will be the victims of domestic violence." 

They then count off, one after the other: "One, two, three.... four." The fourth little girl is covered in pretend cut ands bruises. Her pearl necklace hangs over an arm wrapped in a sling. 

The video is intense, but then so is the reality the princesses are protesting. Wherever you fall on the video itself, one thing's for sure — domestic abuse is made possible by a culture of silence, and this'll definitely get people talking.

Watch the video in full below.


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