This Short About Father-Daughter Cheesemakers Pulls On The Heartstrings So Hard, It Hurts

Tearing up a little over here.

While it's easy to get stuck in our own ways, sometimes the best things come when we learn to collaborate with others.

In a new animated short for Dairy Farmers of Canada, Mia, and her father Morton are cheesemakers. The video begins with Mia, a young girl, following in her father's footsteps. She watches her father, mimicking his cheese-making process alongside him in their shop.

Morton goes on to present his cheese at international competitions, but comes home with 2nd or 3rd-place ribbons. As Mia grows up, she begins learning new techniques, harnessing her creativity to develop their cheese in her own way.

Finally, Mia, a grown woman, shows her dad what she's made, and despite some hesitations, Morton eventually brings it to the competition and takes home a first place ribbon.


Moreover, "with new trade laws soon making imported cheese more accessible to Canadian consumers ... [the] wonderfully-animated short film [demonstrates] the creative process that goes into Canadian cheese — unlike imported ones," Design Taxi explains.

Set to "Don't Stop," an uplifting song originally performed by Fleetwood Mac, the video not only serves to tell the heartwarming story of two cheesemakers, but it portrays a beautiful father-daughter relationship and a bond that strengthens through trust. 

Check it out in full above.


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